The Importance of Leadership and Management Policies in Your Business
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How to Train The Leaders And Managers In Your Practice

In the fast-paced world of accounting, maintaining a successful accounting or bookkeeping business is no easy feat. It requires diligent effort, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. One critical component of achieving and sustaining success is the establishment of clear policies and procedures. Among these, the leader/manager policy takes center stage as it outlines the expectations for managers and leaders within your practice.  

At Wize, we firmly believe that properly training our leaders and managers is not just essential but paramount to the success and longevity of any business. In this article, we will explore the significance of leadership and management policies and the impact of robust training programs for managers. 

The Importance of Leadership and Management Policies in Your Business

The Pitfalls of Poor Management 

Poor management can have far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the company but also the individuals involved. The ramifications of inadequate leadership can be severe and encompass various dimensions within the organization. 

  • Employee Turnover 

Staff members who find themselves under the guidance of poorly trained or ineffective managers often choose to leave their managers rather than their jobs. This phenomenon is a clear indicator of the impact a manager can have on their team. High employee turnover is costly for businesses, as they must invest in recruitment, training, and onboarding to fill the gaps left by departing staff. Moreover, constant turnover can create a disruptive work environment, hampering overall productivity. 

  • Client Dissatisfaction 

Clients, the lifeblood of any practice, are highly sensitive to the quality of service they receive. Inefficient and uncoordinated management can lead to low service levels, operational inefficiencies, and long turnaround times for client requests. Unsatisfied clients may take their business elsewhere, causing a loss of revenue and damaging the practice’s reputation. 

  • Financial Consequences 

Ineffective management can be financially draining. The costs associated with hiring and training replacements for dissatisfied employees, coupled with the loss of productivity due to staff turnover, can significantly impact a practice’s bottom line. Shareholders also suffer as the organization’s performance and profitability are compromised, ultimately leading to reduced returns on investment. 

The Importance of Leadership and Management Policies in Your Business

The Role of Leadership and Management Policies 

Recognizing the far-reaching effects of inadequate leadership and management, businesses must institute a comprehensive policy to ensure all leaders and managers receive the necessary training and development opportunities. This proactive approach is designed to help our leaders and managers reach their full potential and avoid the costly consequences of subpar management. 


Training and Development Programs 

Placing a strong emphasis to equip leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their roles. The leadership and management training programs encompass various facets, ensuring that our team members are well-prepared for their responsibilities. 

One of the cornerstones of our training program is WizeVault, a comprehensive resource that provides invaluable insights and knowledge for our managers. Through this platform, our managers can access a wealth of educational content, including videos and written materials, to enhance their leadership and management skills. This resource empowers them with the latest industry trends and best practices. 

  • Culture Training 

We believe that fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture is integral to successful leadership and management. A culture training program aims to instill our values and ethos in our managers, ensuring they lead by example and create an environment where every team member can thrive. A positive workplace culture is not only beneficial for our staff but also translates to better service for our clients. 

The Growth Masterclass for WizeGrowth Firms is another critical component of our training initiatives. This program is specifically tailored to help our managers and leaders identify areas of improvement within our practice. It provides them with the tools and strategies to streamline operations, enhance client service, and boost overall efficiency. 

The Importance of Leadership and Management Policies in Your Business

Training Commitment 

The commitment to training and development is unwavering. It requires the managers to complete a minimum of 44 hours of training per year. This commitment ensures that they stay up to date with industry standards, remain adaptable to changes, and continuously refine their leadership and management skills. 


The Benefits of Comprehensive Training 

Investing in leadership and management training brings about a multitude of benefits for your practice, team, and clients. 

  • Enhanced Service Quality 

Well-trained managers are better equipped to oversee operations, ensuring that clients receive top-notch service. This results in higher client satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and client retention, all of which are critical to the long-term success of our practice. 

  • Improved Employee Retention 

A well-trained manager can create a positive and motivating work environment, reducing employee turnover. Happy and engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company, reducing the costs associated with recruitment and onboarding. 

  • Efficient Operations 

Effective leadership and management lead to more efficient operations. Streamlined processes, better coordination, and enhanced decision-making result in a practice that operates seamlessly, delivering services with speed and precision. 

  • Financial Stability 

By minimizing the negative financial impacts of poor management, such as employee turnover and client loss, a well-trained management team contributes to the practice’s financial stability. This, in turn, benefits shareholders and investors. 


In the ever-evolving world of accounting and bookkeeping, leadership and management play pivotal roles in the success of a practice. A solid leader/manager policy, coupled with comprehensive training programs like WizeLive clinics and WizeGrowth masterclasses, can significantly impact the business’s longevity and profitability. Stay committed to equipping your leaders and managers with the tools they need to excel reflects the dedication of the team, clients, and the overall success of the firm. By investing, you can ensure they can effectively lead and manage, ultimately delivering the best possible service to valued clients while avoiding the costly consequences of poor management. 

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