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Australian Tax Accountant:
Practical Training Program

Get your junior accountant, intermediate to expert accounting ready in just 8 weeks. Be at ease to know you’ll have a high-performing staff in no time.

Graduate Public Accountant Test

Find out if your potential applicant is adept at following instructions to complete a certain task. This is a comprehensive test to assess the accounting knowledge and skills for junior accountant roles.

Intermediate Public Accountant Test

The Intermediate Public Accountant Test is designed for candidates who are seeking a role as an Intermediate Accountant. This test assesses accounting knowledge and skills for roles in public accounting firms

Senior Australian Public Accountant Test

Are you sure about the experience of your senior accountant? This is a great tool to measure existing skills gap that can give way to further training and career advancement.

Client Manager Test

The Client Manager Test is designed for experienced accounting professionals who have worked in Accounting and managerial roles, with a strong focus on client management

Senior Bookkeeping Test

The Senior Bookkeeping Test is a valuable resource for employers seeking to identify candidates with the right mix of knowledge, skills, and adaptability to excel in a senior bookkeeping role.

Wize M&A Mastery System

Unlock the Potential of Acquisitions to Scale Your Accounting Practice with the Accountants’ Wize M&A Mastery System

Find out how to grow your firm
the Wize Way

We transform accounting & bookkeeping firms by building exceptional leaders, teams, and systems that get results.


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