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Get A Weekly Wize Practice Transformation Tip

Why Listen to Ed?

Ed is the Non-Exec Chairman of Chan & Naylor, an Accounting Group he founded from a small home office. At its peak, Chan & Naylor had offices in most major Capital cities around Australia that serviced more than 6,000 clients.

Ed has a unique ability to make the complex simple and has been incredibly successful at helping scale many businesses across different industries over his 40+ year business career.

He is a passionate mentor and has used his spare time over the past 20 years personally mentoring practice owners.

As a Wize mentor and Co-Founder, Ed now contributes at a board and strategic level to many small to medium size accounting firms. Helping them improve their efficiencies and run better businesses, resulting in better work-life balance through Wize Mentoring.

Fun facts about Ed:

  • He hasn’t worked a day IN his own firm in the last 20 years
  • He’s an ex professional squash player
  • He’s a 5 time published best selling author
  • He’s our Wize Yoda

Your New Subscriber Gift

Inside the “The Wize Accountants Secrets” playbooks, our Wize Mentoring practice owners Ed Chan (Chan & Naylor) and Jamie Johns (Sky Accountants), reveal…

How to dramatically reduce the hours you work IN your practice

The biggest contributor to you being a prisoner in your practice is all about how you manage the traffic flow of communication through the business. Find out why leaving this problem unsolved will assure you more pain and struggle to grow… and what to do about it.

The fool proof system for finding and recruiting high performing staff

These are the fundamental hiring steps to take if you want to be able to find, recruit, train and manage the right people, sitting in the right seats, doing the right work for you. We have hired 200+ staff ourselves using this system in the last 12 months.

The Three-Step Workflow Management Process that gets you paid more and never miss a lodgement date again

Each step in this workflow management process will help you better serve your clients, make more money, and ensure your team are happier and more productive than ever.

Building a business like ours that can scale without more pain and even run without you in it

We still own our accounting firms. However, they run without us doing a single thing in the day-to-day operations. Our only role now is to help our team grow the business in line with our unanimously agreed growth goals. We will show you how we’ve done this and how you can too if you like.

Some wise words from our clients

Wize Words delivered weekly to transform your practice

Have you ever said this to yourself or your spouse?

“This business is burning me out. If I just had more hours in the day, I could get my head above water and things would be better”

You know yourself, there are no more hours… We found that out the hard way as well, working 100+ hour weeks, sacrificing far too much for far too long. What made all the difference to get out of this “practice prison” is not WHAT we did, but HOW we did it.

Our mission is to provide you with a free weekly wize word with actionable tips for growing your practice based on our 50+ years’ experience successfully doing it the right way for ourselves. It will be easy to digest, so much so you’ll be wizer in just 5 minutes or less every Friday.

We’ve fine-tuned the perfect combination of advice, wizedom (not a typo!) and real-world experience, so when you read the Wize Weekly Tip, you might think, “ah, finally, I am home!”

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