Accountants performance KPI Dashboard

Introducing the new WizeHub

The ultimate business performance KPI Dashboard and Intranet solution
for Accountants and Bookkeepers

WizeHub is Wize Mentoring’s very own proprietary software built to allow firm owners to take control of the key performance drivers in their firm.

This business intelligence application will change the game for owners who want to grow, scale and have the ultimate freedom.

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What We Offer

A business tool that allows you to track the overall business performance through the KPI Dashboard
and your firm’s team members to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Accountants FAB5 KPI Dashboard

The ultimate KPI performance dashboard for your entire firm. An all-in-one live scoreboard to track team results.

Accountant’s Strategic 1-Page Plan

A done-for-you intranet solution to house, share and collaborate your firm’s most important resources.

Accountants Cloud Firm Intranet

A done-for-you intranet solution to house, share and collaborate your firm’s most important resources.

“We were flying blind until we had the Fab5 Dashboard…”

…We use the Fab5 Dashboard as our official firm Scoreboard, keeping our teams accountable to budgets set and benchmark KPI’s. It’s created healthy competition between Senior Client Managers and allows me to be in control without being controlling.”

Accountants performance KPI Dashboard
Accountants performance KPI Dashboard

“Finally a business plan that makes sense and actually works!…”

…We had been to many business planning workshops and tried other one page plans but they were all missing the point and were too cumbersome to maintain. The WizeGrowth 1-Page Strategic Plan hones in on the mission critical parts of our firm. It allows us to make decisions and manage the strategic direction of our firm, easily! I guess that’s what happens when the plan is designed by Accountants for an Accounting firm 🙂 Thanks Wize Guys!”

“I thought intranets were a thing of the past…”

…until Ed Chan taught us that in order to build an extraordinary business, that runs without us, we have to build extraordinary systems that aren’t reliant on us. We tried to build an intranet ourselves, it was a disaster and no one used it. The WizeHub was a plug-and-play job for us and couldn’t have been easier to roll out. And the best bit is I don’t have to update a single thing, the team do it all”

Accountants performance KPI Dashboard