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The ultimate staff recruitment solution for accountants & bookkeepers

WizeTalent is an end-to-end recruitment consultation service for practice owners looking for their next ideal team member. WizeTalent is THE most comprehensive and detailed solution when it comes to helping you analyse, attract, assess and accept a qualified team member for your business.

What We Offer

A methodical, process driven system designed and structured to give you everything you need to find the right candidates for your team and filter down to the very best ones.

Tailor Job Advertisements

Select from a list of comprehensive job description templates to upload straight into your preferred ad platform

Automate Application Filtering

Automatically pre-qualify suitable candidates saving you hours in administering CVs and applications

Interview Ideal Candidates

Ask all the right questions with our TopGradingTM approved interview scripts to identify a clear winner for your next hire!

What you get with WizeTalent

Recruitment consultation with expert team

Job description crafted for your role for offshore and onshore Accounting and Bookkeeping roles

Your own recruitment portal to manage responses to our comprehensive online application questionnaire

Automated filtering and short-listing of candidates

Automated email follow up sequences to candidates

Step-by-step interview process and templates

Hands-on support throughout the entire process until you’ve found and made an offer to your ideal candidate.

Accounting Firm Recruitment Solution

A methodical, process driven system…

WizeTalent has been designed and structured to give you everything you need to find the right candidates for your team and filter down to the very best ones. This system will help you find the best people available to your firm based on your hiring requirements.

30+ years of hiring experience in your corner…

Over the past 30 years the Wize Guys, Ed, Jamie and Brenton have hired directly or helped other firms hire over a thousand staff for Accounting practices around the world. Before you even start the hiring process, will give you the A-Z plan to make sure you are hiring for the right role, for the right seat at the right time.

Accounting Firm Recruitment Solution

How It Works

How It Works

Determine your next hire
  • First, you will have an initial detailed consultation with the Wize mentor team to review your capacity plan and confirm the role to hire for

  • The WizeTalent team will then set you up with our step-by-step system to follow and set expectations of actions required

How It Works

Find Qualified Candidates
  • We will provide you with:

  • The job description and advertisement templates and assist with their completion

How It Works

Shortlist Ideal Candidates
  • We will assist you with:

  • Assessing completed applications and shortlisting candidates for interview

How It Works

Onboard Successful Candidate
  • We will provide you with:

  • A guide for compensation package, suggested salary range and letter of offer template

Listen to the

Success and stories shared by our WizeTalent clients

WizeTalent has the potential to change your hiring process and able to hit the right leads. Find out how it transformed theirs and what they have to say.

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Invest In Your People

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