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Transition from time poor practitioner to financially
free business owner with our accounting practice
growth blueprint developed over 30+ years.

Implement The Tried And Tested

Blueprint of 50+ years experience
building our own firms.

This allows any accounting practice owner to build a profitable business that pays them a passive income stream. If you feel like you can never get enough done to grow your business while serving your clients and that growing your practice only creates more stress, Wize Mentoring is here to help.

People Playbook

Access a list of tested recruitment strategies used to successfully hire hundreds of talented team members.

Process Playbook

Discover the three workflow management secrets every practice owner needs to know.

Performance Playbook

Learn the top three strategies to reduce your workload, systemise and scale your practice so it’s not reliant on you.


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What We All Want

As business owners and operators we all want these things:

More Time

To buy back your time and spend it how you wish, working in your flow, doing the things you enjoy most.

More Passive Income

To transform your practice into a business that can afford to pay you a passive income stream.

More Choices

To have more choices in life, the freedom to run the business you want, and live a life you truly enjoy.

What You’ll Get From Wize To Achieve It

Build a business that works for you and truly gives you freedom…

Advice from firm owner experts

All of our mentors operate their own firms that successfully run without them.

A tested blueprint for success

Our growth blueprint is tried and tested every day in our own firms and has been fine-tuned over 30+ years.

More Choices

Our 7-Step pathway to freedom will give you the choice to spend your time and your life as you wish

Extraordinary Systems

Install systems that allow you to be in control of the business without being controling.

Engaged Team

Find the right people to sit in the right seat and do the right kind of great work every day.

Scaling Solutions

Gain the confidence to scale your practice without experiencing any more stress.

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Hundreds of business owners
in over 40 countries!

Let’s put everything in place so you have a business that grows and runs
independently of you. Hear from some of our members…

Access the practice growth intelligence software we’ve developed to run our own practices


Let us show you how to find, assess and recruit your next team member with our proven recruitment formula


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