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I run my own firm, Sky Accountants, and I talk to 12+ firm owners worldwide each week on how to scale their firms.

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There is a better way to grow your firm…

The Wize Way!

Here’s what happens when we catch up on Zoom together. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Tell me all about your firm and the challenges you are facing.
  • I’ll show you the exact solution to implement for every challenge, guaranteed!
  • I’ll demonstrate those solutions based on what I’m doing in my own firm Sky Accountants ($4mill in revenue on the path to $10mill)
  • We’ll discuss a few Wize options to help fast-track things whenever you are ready.

PS. If you haven’t heard of us, we are Wize Mentoring. We exist to help firm owners transform their firms and build a business that can run without them. We are the best in the world at what we do for you in these 4 areas:

WizeHub – Software to organise and systemise your entire firm so it runs like clockwork
WizeTalent – Hiring system and service to find quality candidates for every hiring situation
WizeGrowth – Hands-on business mentoring to scale with ease
WizeMarket – Best practice tools, systems and products to help you grow without reinventing the wheel.

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