Accounting Firm Business Scaling

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Your success with WizeGrowth

Your journey to building a business that gives you freedom and follows the Wize Way starts here. Be mentored by experienced firm owners who have successfully scaled their businesses and live a life full of choices.

We will openly provide you with all of our knowledge, experience, strategies and tools to help you successfully execute our proprietary WizeGrowth Journey Plan. If you are ready to transform and get results, take the assessment and see if WizeGrowth is for you.


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What We All Want

As business owners and operators we all want these things:

More Time

To buy back your time and spend it how you wish, working in your flow, doing the things you enjoy most.

More Passive Income

To transform your practice into a business that can afford to pay you a passive income stream.

More Choices

To have more choices in life, the freedom to run the business you want, and live a life you truly enjoy.

What You’ll Get From Wize To Achieve It

Build a business that works for you and truly gives you freedom…

Advice from firm owner experts

All of our mentors operate their own firms that successfully run without them.

A tested blueprint for success

Our growth blueprint is tried and tested every day in our own firms and has been fine-tuned over 30+ years.

More Choices

Our 7-Step pathway to freedom will give you the choice to spend your time and your life as you wish

Extraordinary Systems

Install systems that allow you to be in control of the business without being controling.

Engaged Team

Find the right people to sit in the right seat and do the right kind of great work every day.

Scaling Solutions

Gain the confidence to scale your practice without experiencing any more stress.

Meet The Wize Mentors

The WizeGrowth Journey focuses on 3 core pillars to help you achieve your business goals:

Process: Helping you set the foundations of your firm so that it can scale sustainably without being reliant on you doing everything.

People: Helping you develop a high-performing team that is productive, profitable, and fulfilled.

Performance: Helping you turn on the marketing tap and accelerate the growth of your fee base with ideal new clients and services.

Turn on performance dashboard

Map your withdrawal pathway

Create deep-narrow teams

Hire A-players

Micro-train managers

Install extraordinary systems

Master business tuck-ins

Monetize your knowledge

Attract ideal new clients







Accounting Firm Business Scaling

Who is this for?

WizeGrowth is designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping practice owners who want to save money and time on staff and systems, increase revenue, find new ideal clients and reduce their working hours.

Our mentors own profitable practices themselves and our training is suitable for any accounting or bookkeeping business around the world.

What you get with WizeGrowth

WizeGrowth will openly provide you with all of our knowledge, experience, strategies and tools to help you successfully deploy and execute your WizeGrowth Plan.

As well as personal guidance, you get access to a range of workshops, tools and conferences to help you grow your practice.

You get access to 1:1 business planning workshops, monthly 1:1 board meetings, dedicated Wize Mentor team, monthly masterclass, and quarterly live group workshops.

Accounting Firm Business Scaling
Accounting Firm Business Scaling

Invest in your success

We have applied every strategy we share ourselves in order to grow our businesses. Join for the right reasons, implement what we teach for yourself and you will notice incredible results within 12 months. Your membership comes with a 90-day cooling-off period so you can join risk-free.

Follow the journey of

Success and stories shared by our WizeGrowth clients

Lets put everything in place so you have a business that grows and runs independently of you. Hear from our members…

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is ongoing and can be paid as an annual fee or in monthly instalments. We also recommend that we work together for a minimum of 15 months to achieve maximum, lasting results for you.

To set you up for success, you will work with the Wize Mentor Team via private scheduled sessions in what we call Foundation Planning Sessions. Initially, we will conduct 2 x 1:1 Foundation Planning Sessions.

These foundation planning sessions are used to develop your WizeHub including – a growth plan, org chart, team structure, capacity plan and firm Fab5 financial KPI Dashboard.

Every month following your foundation planning sessions, you will meet with a Wize Mentor for a 1hr Board Meeting via zoom. This meeting will address your action plan progress,  financial performance, and operational issues / challenges / opportunities.

You will be able to access the Wize Mentor team for 30minute check-in calls as required.

You will be introduced to your own WizeGrowth Accountability board. This board consists of up to 8 firms in the program of a similar size and progress (non-competing) to learn, share and be accountable to. You will meet with these forms in our quarterly workshops.

Each month we will host an online 2hr masterclass on the last Friday of each month. This will be for members to roll up their sleeves with a  guest delivering expert knowledge and strategies on a  particular area of your firm.

These workshops are delivered online for all WizeGrowth firms and allow you to meet with your board to discuss action plans and seek counsel from the group. You will receive timely advice and allow you to allocate time to work ON your firm.

WizeGrowth has members implementing The Wize Way in over 6 countries. Talking to people in different countries, we’ve realised that business owners across the globe are facing the same challenges in growing their firms.

So whilst our accents and language may be geared towards our home country of Australia, Wize is a global community.

We always say that we are Accountants first and mentors second. Two of our Wize Mentoring Founders, Ed Chan & Jamie Johns have started, built and still remain owners of their own Accounting and Bookkeeping businesses. Our entire mentor team are owner-operators of accounting or bookkeeping firms who are also implementing with great success the Wize Way.

Invest In Your Success

Embark on a journey with us in WizeGrowth

Strapped for time to work on your practice but still want to grow in the next 12 months? Our hands-on mentoring will get you there so much sooner.

Take our quick assessment to see if you qualify for WizeGrowth. We only have limited slots for growth members so secure yours today!


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