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Transforming Your Senior Production Manager into a Top-notch Leader

In the fast-paced world of accounting, having a Senior Production Manager (SPM) is crucial for keeping the production side of your business running smoothly. However, what happens when your SPM loves the hands-on work a bit too much and struggles with managing staff and productivity? 

As the saying goes: 

A Poor Manager says there isn’t enough time to get the workload done so they work longer hours” 

“A Good Manager says he/she doesn’t have enough resources to get the work done or his/her staff are not trained sufficiently to increase productivity. 

One effective tip we’ve discovered is managing SPMs using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This gives them clear goals and serves as a reminder of their managerial responsibilities. But beware of micro-managing – it only leads to frustration. 

Instead, opt for micro-training. It’s different from micromanaging. Micro-training involves showing them firsthand how to delegate, emphasizing that their role is to guide and train their team, not do the work themselves. 

If their team’s productivity is low, it’s the manager’s responsibility to address, with some exceptions. Managers doing 100% of a task are “doing,” not “managing.” True management is focusing on the last 20%, reviewing work and guiding others. 

A manager who does 20% of all tasks increases their capacity tenfold. This, coupled with the right team mix, enables each manager to handle $1 million in fees. 

Personalized mentorship through video calls or face-to-face interactions helps them develop the skills needed for effective management. Most SPMs have grown up as “grinders” (doing the work), so managing is a new skill set that must be learned, reducing the tendency to abdicate tasks. 

Remember, a grinding SPM not minding (managing) won’t achieve a “recoverable team charge rate” or KPIs like turnover and team profits. Help them focus on the right team mix and use micro-training to master delegation. At Wize Mentoring, we’re dedicated to empowering accounting business owners and leaders. If you have questions about delegating versus abdicating, reach out – we’re here to help you succeed! 

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