Wize Mentoring is proud to be a part of Bryant Zwart's success story and stands ready to support entrepreneurs on their own journeys.
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From Employee to Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Journey of Bryant Zwart and Calyx CPA

Are you ready for a success story that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit? Meet Bryant Zwart, the co-founder of Calyx CPA, based in Oregon, USA. In this inspiring tale of transformation and growth, we’ll delve into Bryant’s journey, his business Calyx CPA, and how his partnership with Wize Mentoring played a pivotal role in their success. 

A Leap of Faith 

Bryant’s story begins with a bold decision – leaving behind the life of an employee to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Dissatisfied with the prospect of a long, laborious climb up the corporate ladder, he knew he wanted something more. The grind of tax and accounting work left him yearning for a change. 

“I didn’t like just being an employee, and I could kind of look out into my future, and it didn’t seem very promising. I was just going to be working for a long time, slowly working my way up, you know, and super long hours,” Bryant recalls. His aspirations for something more led him to quit his job and embark on a journey to start his own firm. 

The Wize Connection 

While exploring possibilities for his new venture, Bryant reconnected with an old acquaintance, Justin. The two engaged in a conversation that would eventually set the course for their future. “We talked a little bit about the possibility of doing something together,” Bryant says. However, it didn’t feel like the perfect fit just yet. 

Their breakthrough moment came during a business conference, XeroCon. It was there that Bryant suggested bringing in another friend, Jamie, to form a partnership. “I said, ‘Hey, what if she joined us? We did a new business with the three of us; I think that would be really exciting.’ And he was interested too,” Bryant explains. 

After Jamie’s agreement to join the venture, Calyx CPA was born. Bryant, Justin, and Jamie came together as co-owners, and their unique blend of skills and experiences set them on a path to success. 

The Birth of Calyx CPA 

With Justin bringing his client base into the mix, the trio officially founded Calyx CPA. Each member of the team contributed a diverse skill set, and their varied backgrounds and ages added dynamism to their partnership. Bryant mentions, “It’s nice to bring in different levels of knowledge and age. It fits together like a puzzle.” 

Their camaraderie wasn’t limited to the workplace; they formed a close-knit friendship that extended beyond business hours. Bryant notes, “We enjoy each other; we’re friends, we hang out outside of work.” This synergy between the three partners created an environment that was not only productive but also enjoyable. 

The Wize Choice 

As the newly formed Calyx CPA sought to establish itself, Bryant and his partners knew they needed a solid structure and guidance to grow their business. That’s when they discovered Wize Mentoring. “It looked like they were saying everything exactly like what we wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it all,” Bryant says of their initial impression. 

Wize Mentoring offered them a blueprint and a roadmap to success, and the fact that they were led by experienced professionals in the accounting field made it even more appealing. Bryant adds, “I don’t think we would have done the outsourcing so well because we didn’t know much about it. Jamie, our talent guru, was crucial in helping us navigate the hiring process.” 

The Wize Impact 

The influence of Wize Mentoring on Calyx CPA is all-encompassing. Bryant and his partners have diligently followed the Wize model, adapting it to their firm’s needs. They’ve embraced the terminology, from production managers to client managers, and have been working towards creating three teams, each with a revenue goal of over a million dollars. 

“It’s like a great way to run an accounting firm, and it’s also built on outsourcing. We have the employees to show us, and that’s key,” Bryant acknowledges. Wize has guided them in establishing stable teams that fit their culture, helping them make informed hiring decisions and creating a more efficient workflow. 

The Vision and Leadership Evolution 

While their journey with Wize Mentoring has been transformative, Bryant highlights that leadership is an evolving aspect. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision as a leader. “We need to have kind of a system so we can actually have like a running business versus just the traditional model,” Bryant explains. This vision is what guides their leadership at Calyx CPA. 

Life Beyond Business 

For Bryant, life isn’t just about work. He enjoys the great outdoors, indulging in activities like trail work and gardening. He’s also an avid mountain biker and a hands-on enthusiast who appreciates working on cars. Recently, he’s picked up a unique hobby – watch restoration and repair, a testament to his diverse interests. 

In his leisure time, Bryant delves into spiritual pursuits, practicing meditation and yoga. It’s a holistic approach to life, where business success and personal fulfillment go hand in hand. 

Evolving and Growing: Calyx CPA’s Dynamic Journey with Wize Mentoring 

Bryant Zwart’s journey from being an employee to a successful entrepreneur with Calyx CPA is a testament to the power of ambition, partnership, and guidance. Through their association with Wize Mentoring, Bryant and his partners have unlocked new levels of growth, transforming their firm into a well-structured, efficient, and enjoyable business. 

Their story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the potential for success when you have the right vision, the right team, and the right mentors guiding your way. Calyx CPA’s journey is far from over, and as they continue to evolve and grow, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dynamic trio. 

Wize Mentoring is proud to be a part of Bryant Zwart’s success story and stands ready to support entrepreneurs on their own journeys. Our team at Wize Mentoring helps business owners fine-tune their operations, develop strategies to address challenges, and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of growth. Practice owners can gain access to valuable resources and advice that are tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to reach new heights in their business. 

At Wize Mentoring, we believe that entrepreneurs should never feel alone or without support. With our help, practice owners have access to the guidance they need to grow their practice into a successful enterprise. We look forward to being part of your journey too! 

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