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Changing your staff’s job title

One of the best ways to grow your accounting practice is by building a team that helps you achieve more.

One way to do this is by changing the title of some staff members in order to suit their skills and abilities better. You can use any title you like or the staff likes.

We use the title Senior Client Manager because it instantly describes what their role is. When we say Senior Client Manager or Senior Production Manager, everyone knows what they do.

We see a “Manager” in a more senior position than an Accountant. Like a “salesman” reports to his “Sales Manager”. However, you can substitute your own titles to describe a Senior Client Manager and Senior Production Manager.

If you’re looking to organize your team, it can be helpful for everyone involved if the roles are clear. One way of doing this is by assigning job titles that have specific descriptions about what each person does.

This will allow people on the team to understand their role without having to spend time explaining everything they do when asked.

It may not seem like much but being able to quickly identify what someone does saves time and improves communication between team members which leads to better overall productivity.


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