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Getting staff buy-in when adopting new tools

Accounting practices are adopting new tools to help them run their business more efficiently, but what about the staff? They have a lot of input on how to do things day-to-day and this can sometimes clash with your vision for the practice.


Whichever tool you go with it all comes down to getting the staff to buy in and wanting to use it. When they buy-in, they will perceive those tools as solutions and find ways to implement them in your system.


When the staff doesn’t buy in, you get pushback and they see the tool as more of an inconvenience instead of using them to streamline their work.


When you implement new tools, remember that your team will most likely have:

1) Early Adopters: They are willing to give new things a go immediately, but they also chase the next shiny things.

2) Middle Adopters: They take a couple of tries before giving things a go, but they need lots of ongoing maintenance to keep them on track

3) Late Adopters: They take ages to come around to it and appear skeptical of new things. But, when they do come around and start using it you won’t be able to get them to change again easily.


Think about which categories apply to your staff and then apply the right approach.


Whatever tool you plan to use, focus on managing the changes, getting people to buy-in, and take into account your staff’s adoption behavior when implementing.


When you have enough staff buy-in and are using the tool enough in your own firm, you will be surprised at how they are able to not only just use the tool but also find ways to continuously improve it too.


Strategically, processes are more important than your goals if you want your firm to run without you. Build a business with extraordinary processes and get your team to follow your processes.


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