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When your staff leaves you

Have you ever had a long-time team member suddenly resign?

It’s very disappointing when staff leave or when you bend over backwards for them and they don’t show the same loyalty back. Feels like a kick in the guts.

I know. We have 160 staff and over the years experienced every situation you can imagine.

Here are some things that might help from a personal point of view to prepare yourself for when people leave as it will be a part of running a business:

  1. I say to myself, what will I do “when” they leave (and not “if” they leave) because if staff stay forever, it’s just a bonus but expect them to leave and when they do, what are you going to do about it and what is your Plan B “when” they do leave. Always have a Plan B so it just kicks in when they resign.
  2. You have to continuously look ahead so you always have people down the line in training that has the potential to take over if Jim or Bill or Julie or Carol leave. Naturally sometimes this is not possible due to your size which is another reason to get larger.
  3. With the Ideal Team Structure, it’s very clear the roles of each person. So you are looking 1 to 2 years into the future to ensure there are no gaps “when” they leave.
  4. There is a line I do not cross with staff around being too friendly or close to them. Meaning I am friends but not “close” friends. Otherwise, it compromises your ability to make difficult decisions such as reprimanding them or firing them when appropriate.

And indeed, when they resign it helps me emotionally in not taking it personally because as your business gets bigger and you have more staff, it will be part and parcel of people coming and going.

Whilst you can get more use to it, as you experience it more often, it’s never easy. Keep your chin up and take it one step at a time.

In a few months’ time, after you have recruited a new person and they sometimes turn out to be better than the old person you will quickly forget about the disappointment of the whole incident. As they say often, it gets worse before it gets better.

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