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Niche Marketing for your firm

Look at the list of your clients right now and the type of industry they’re in and think, who are you really targeting?

Your marketing needs to be niche because your marketing budget is not without limits.

To get the biggest bang for minimal dollars, you need to market your niche so your message to your prospects including those visiting your website needs to make them feel like they have “found their home”.

This will lead to a higher uptake of new clients versus general marketing which gets lost in amongst your competitors’ “general marketing”.

We still take on clients who do not fall into our niche but what would be ideal is to only work on a niche client.

But often, if you have the deep and narrow teams where you match up the cost of resources to the type of clients, you will be able to leverage, grow and still make good profits.

So what we have done as a minimum is directed our marketing into a niche industry.

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