How to Build a Winning Company Culture: Lessons from Chan & Naylor
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How to Build a Winning Company Culture: Lessons from Chan & Naylor

Every successful business has a secret ingredient, and for Chan & Naylor, it’s their culture. The company’s founders, Ed Chan, and David Naylor, realized early on that culture was critical to their business’s success. They established a set of values that form the fabric of their organization, shaping the way they do things, and guiding their actions. 

Chan & Naylor’s story is a testament to the power of culture in building a winning business. Today, the company is a successful, growing business that no longer relies on its founding owners to operate. It generates passive income streams while its founders sit on various boards and spend their time working on strategic areas of the business and mentoring their partners. 

But behind this success lies years of hard work and dedication to their values. Chan & Naylor’s fundamental culture has been instrumental in its success, helping the company grow tremendously over the past two decades. 

Their values are simple, socially accepted values, and common courtesy. From acting with honesty and integrity to always showing respect and owning problems, these values ensure that every team member is aligned with the company’s vision. 

So what can you learn from Chan & Naylor’s story? First, prioritize culture when building your business. Establishing a set of values that guide your actions and shape your organization’s fabric is critical. 

Second, focus on socially accepted values and common courtesies. These basic codes of conduct, such as returning calls promptly or greeting everyone positively, can make a significant difference in how your team works together and how you interact with clients. 

Finally, communicate your values frequently and consistently. Every new staff member who joins Chan & Naylor receives a message about the company’s values on their first day. This ensures that everyone in the organization is on the same page and reinforces the importance of culture. 

Building a winning company culture takes hard work, dedication, and a commitment to your values. Follow Chan & Naylor’s example and prioritize culture when building your business, focus on socially accepted values, and communicate your values frequently and consistently. With the right mindset and effort, you too can build a company culture that drives your business forward. 

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