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Delegation, Mindset Shifts, and Staffing: The Story of Leah Hall and Wize Mentoring

Leah Hall, the owner of Player Hall, an accounting and bookkeeping practice in NSW, Australia, had been struggling with a wrong culture and long working hours. Despite having two to three staff members, she felt like everything was on her shoulders, and she was burnt out. Leah wanted to make a change but didn’t know how until she discovered Wize Mentoring. 

Leah shared, “Prior to joining Wize Mentoring, I was working in my business every day, and that was just the norm. I was stuck in a rut, and I wasn’t sure how to get out of it. But when I heard about Wize Mentoring, I knew that was exactly what I needed.  

Once Leah started working with Wize, there was a big shift in her mindset and management style. She learned how to delegate tasks and train her staff to talk to clients. Leah said, “Delegation was a significant breakthrough for me. I realized that I couldn’t do everything myself, and I needed to trust my team to take on more responsibilities. Now, I haven’t processed tax returns or financial statements this whole financial year. 

Leah’s biggest breakthrough was learning how to let go and trust her team. She shared, “I used to be the only one who spoke to clients, and my staff would sit in the background. But with the help of Wize, I learned to train my staff to talk to clients, and now I have the confidence to delegate work to them.  

Leah is excited about the possibility of having a business that runs without her, but she’s also honest about feeling lost at times. “It’s a journey, and I’m still learning,” she said. Monthly classes and mentorship sessions have helped her stay focused and redirect her path when necessary. 

Wize Mentoring has not only helped Leah improve her business, but it has also inspired her to be a better leader. “I’m inspired by so many people in those mentoring sessions,” she said. “It’s good to have them there, and it’s like a support network. The group, be it my own mentor or other members, redirects me on the path because we’re all creatures of habit and can fall back into old ways.” 

Leah’s story is an inspirational reminder that with the right mindset and guidance, anything is possible. She went from feeling stuck and burnt out to having a team of employees and a business that runs without her. And she’s not done yet – Leah will continue to learn and grow, thanks to Wize Mentoring. 

If you’re looking to take your accounting or bookkeeping practice to the next level, Wize Mentoring could be just what you need. With mentorship, tools, and resources designed specifically for practice owners, you’ll learn how to implement new habits into your firm’s culture and refine your firm structure. 

It’s never too late to start investing in yourself and your practice – let Wize Mentoring help you get there! Together, we can create a better tomorrow for our clients and ourselves. 



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