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Getting your resource mix right

When hiring new staff for your Practice, do you hire based on Education? Work experience? Set of skills?


While these are all good basis for looking at someone’s qualifications, you should also look into whether a candidate will bring a good balance to your resource mix.


Hiring new staff should never be about throwing more bodies at the workload as it rarely works. It’s about getting your resource mix right.


For example:


If you hire too many juniors, it could add to the workload of the existing staff…


If you hire too many senior accountants, then you will be writing time off…


Get the balance right and the team will hum.


Get the balance wrong and it will be clunky, unprofitable and you’ll end up creating more blockages than removing them from your production.


You should also remember that each role requires a different screening process. For instance: When hiring for a Senior Client Manager role, you should be focusing on his interpersonal and communication skills or “selling the sizzle” skills, thus you can’t use the same test/questions/recruitment process when hiring for a Senior Production Manager.


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