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Being Proactive in Communication To Protect Your Business

Exceptional times call for exceptional actions.

People want reassurance and communication during these uncertain times.

Be there for your clients and staff and a major way to do this to be available and be responsive – return emails and phone calls, but do so in a logical manner otherwise your firm will become chaotic


  1. Send proactive communication to your staff on office protocols – eg template – Office Policies – managing corona virus
  2. Send proactive communication to your client base on your office working status and recommended communication channels – eg template – Office status and communication channels
  3. Talk with your team and put a process in place as to where traffic will be directed for what clients and who is the appropriate person to respond to it.
  4. Make sure you call all of your A and B Class clients first to address any concerns and ensure they know your best methods of contact during this period
  5. Put a communication policy in place for all staff to return calls/emails within the same day or the latest the very next morning.
  6. Make the best use of technology, use of your calendar and book appointments with clients. A lot of firms use to avoid “phone hockey”. Back and forth trying to organize meeting times can be a huge waste of everyone’s time. Either control your day or let it control you. Use Calendly (the free version will work for now) to help with this.

You obviously need to communicate with your team regularly and keep them informed. Make sure they understand the situation and potentially how things may develop over the coming weeks. You should definitely communicate with your customers as well.

It’s definitely advisable that you be proactive with customers. Once they’ve made a decision not to come, it’s hard to convince them otherwise. So get on the front foot and delay those fears that they may have.

With suppliers, it’s important to keep them informed too. If you can’t pay for whatever reason, people are generally quite accommodating if you’re open and honest so it is all about being proactive with the communication with your networks. It could be your partners that you have, other people that you work with or people outside of your supply network.

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