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Why Your Firm Needs A Reliable Senior Production Manager

Getting the right “Resource Mix” in your team is critical in getting production flowing down the pipeline but if you have the wrong resource mix it’s like a blockage along the pipeline and the work/water comes back up the pipeline and hits you in the face.


One of the vital roles to fill as part of the right resource mix is a full-time experienced grinder Accountant or what we call a “Senior Production Manager” who can provide you and your production team a stable terminal.


This is absolutely critical. If you don’t have this person, then you can expect to end up doing all the work and it’s not efficient. It’s a bit like putting a lot of band-aids over the symptoms. Rather than addressing the problem.


The Importance of a Senior Production Manager


A Senior Production Manager who has at least 8 years plus grinding experience, who can run the team (other Grinders/accountants), finalize and check the work so it’s all correct allows you to see your clients with the results to do PR work and strategy and advice work.


That’s all you should be doing (PR, Strategy, Advice, Tax Planning) but the work must be done by a “Team Leader” who runs the other accountants and bookkeepers, etc


You need to be prepared to invest in your Balance Sheet (invest in a Team Leader rather than just work in your P&L) this will allow you the “stable terminal” to grow.


It’s difficult to have this stable/cornerstone person if they are only working part-time. This person needs to be a career person and not someone who wants part-time work to simply earn an income. The investment in this person will be around AUD $80,000 to $90,000 per annum.


It will take some courage to invest in this person as it can often mean going backward financially until there are new clients who can come through to pay for it.


But if you don’t invest, you will not grow. The right person will take on all the “production” responsibility so you can attend to the communication and advice traffic with clients. Once you spend more time with your clients in this “area”, you will also get more referrals so it’s a win/win.


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