The Gheen CPA Journey with Wize Mentoring
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Unearthing Success: The Gheen CPA Journey with Wize Mentoring

In the bustling heart of New York City, nestled among the towering skyscrapers and financial institutions, there exists a success story that’s as inspiring as it is profound. Luke Gheen, the visionary behind Gheen CPA, embarked on a transformative journey with Wize Mentoring, turning his struggles into triumphs and redefining his path to success.  

Let’s delve into Luke’s remarkable journey, exploring the challenges he faced before joining Wize Mentoring and the profound breakthroughs that reshaped his professional life. 

Luke Gheen’s story with Wize Mentoring began in the fall of 2021, but his entrepreneurial journey commenced over a decade ago when he established Gheen CPA in 2010. He ventured full-time into his business in mid-2011, determined to carve out his niche in the competitive world of accounting. 

However, the path to success was fraught with challenges, and before discovering Wize Mentoring, Luke faced a daunting dilemma. He was experiencing rapid growth, and while this might seem like a desirable situation for any business owner, it came with its unique set of issues. The business was operating at overcapacity, staff turnover was constant, and the financial rollercoaster of earning and losing substantial sums was taking its toll. 


Navigating the Rollercoaster: Luke’s Reflection on the Trials and Triumphs of Business Growth 

Luke candidly reflects on those tumultuous times, saying, “We were making money, but I think we could never figure out the right staffing structure. That was probably the biggest pain point. I’d have staff come and go, I have clients come and go, and so what we found in 2017 to 2020 is probably the peak, where we were signing up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business every year and we were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars of business every year.” 

The vicious cycle of growth and loss was a heavy burden to bear, and Luke found himself at a crossroads, contemplating the very essence of his business. He says, “I think my frustration level was just at an all-time high, and I was pretty frustrated and desperate.” 


The Wize Solution 

Amidst the chaos, Luke discovered Wize Mentoring and the mentorship of Tim. He began to see a glimmer of hope and recognized that he wasn’t alone in his struggles. The wisdom and guidance from Tim and the Wize community breathed new life into his business and his entrepreneurial spirit. 

“I’m not in it just to make money, and I want to enjoy it. A lot of what Tim and others said really resonated with me, and it helped me realize I’m not the only one,” Luke recalls, reflecting on the impact of Wize Mentoring on his mindset. 


The Mindset Shift 

For Luke, the journey wasn’t about changing his mindset but finding the answers to what had been lacking in his business strategy. “I was already trying to do what Wize had. I just wasn’t all the way there, and I needed their advice to get there,” he states. 

Through Wize Mentoring, Luke found kindred spirits who shared his vision and learned invaluable lessons about leadership, team building, and effective hiring practices. The transformation was underway, and he was no longer trapped in a cycle of frustration but filled with hope and determination. 

A Glimpse into the Future 

When asked about his vision for the future, Luke’s enthusiasm is palpable. He envisions a day when he can step back from the day-to-day operations of Gheen CPA and run it as an executive. “I feel like I’ve put in my time to be able to reap some years back, where it’s not such a struggle,” he says. 

His goal is clear: to own the business as an investor, letting it thrive independently while he enjoys the fruits of his labor. This vision is a testament to the power of transformation, and Luke is excited about the journey ahead. 


Lessons Learned from Luke Gheen’s Journey with Wize Mentoring 

Luke Gheen’s journey with Wize Mentoring teaches us several invaluable lessons: 

  1. Perseverance Pays Off: Even in the face of frustration and setbacks, staying the course and seeking guidance can lead to incredible transformations. 
  2. Mindset Matters: A shift in mindset, coupled with actionable advice, can be the catalyst for sustainable success. 
  3. Team Building is Crucial: Investing in building the right team, guided by proven processes, can lead to long-term stability and growth. 
  4. Hope and Community: The support of a like-minded community and experienced mentors can provide hope and inspiration during challenging times. 
  5. A Clear Vision: Having a well-defined vision for the future can drive an entrepreneur to make the necessary changes and work towards a business that can thrive independently. 


Unleashing Success: The Transformative Power of Mentorship and Community 

The story of Gheen CPA’s success, catalyzed by Luke’s journey with Wize Mentoring, is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship, community, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It reminds us that even in the face of adversity, with the right guidance and mindset, we can turn our pain points into stepping stones toward a brighter, more prosperous future. Luke’s journey is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs looking to rewrite their own success stories. 

Wize Mentoring provides a platform for practice owners to connect with experienced mentors, gain access to exclusive resources, and build their own support networks. The community is dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals by providing guidance throughout the entire journey—from idea creation all the way through implementation.  

Wize Mentoring can help practice owners unlock their potential and forge pathways toward success, just like Luke Gheen did. 

Evolving and Growing: Calyx CPA’s Dynamic Journey with Wize Mentoring 

Bryant Zwart’s journey from being an employee to a successful entrepreneur with Calyx CPA is a testament to the power of ambition, partnership, and guidance. Through their association with Wize Mentoring, Bryant and his partners have unlocked new levels of growth, transforming their firm into a well-structured, efficient, and enjoyable business. 

Their story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the potential for success when you have the right vision, the right team, and the right mentors guiding your way. Calyx CPA’s journey is far from over, and as they continue to evolve and grow, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dynamic trio. 

Wize Mentoring is proud to be a part of Bryant Zwart’s success story and stands ready to support entrepreneurs on their own journeys. Our team at Wize Mentoring helps business owners fine-tune their operations, develop strategies to address challenges, and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of growth. Practice owners can gain access to valuable resources and advice that are tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to reach new heights in their business. 

At Wize Mentoring, we believe that entrepreneurs should never feel alone or without support. With our help, practice owners have access to the guidance they need to grow their practice into a successful enterprise. We look forward to being part of your journey too! 

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