The Power of Disciplined Dedication: Jennifer Hickey's Story of Transformation from Small Business to Booming Team
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The Power of Disciplined Dedication: Jennifer Hickey’s Story of Transformation from Small Business to Booming Team

Conquering a world of seemingly infinite work hours and a stifling environment, Jennifer Hickey found her beacon of hope in Wize Mentoring in 2021. Her life took a phenomenal turn when she discovered a groundbreaking tech stack, the game-changing “no-blame” culture, and learned the essential skill of taking a step back from her business. This remarkable journey has truly reshaped her path to success! 

Jennifer’s passion for business started early, and over time, she started her own bookkeeping practice, which turned into a practice called TaxStore Mackay. She used to refer all the bookkeeping work to other bookkeepers but eventually realized that she was just making others richer, and that’s when she jumped at the opportunity to become a Tax Store franchisee.  

The first two years of running the franchise were traumatic for Jennifer, as she struggled to balance the workload between “grinding work” and scaling the business. She found it hard to keep up with all the work but slowly started employing more staff members to help her out. 

However, it wasn’t until Jennifer joined Wize Mentoring that she truly started to flourish. She discovered a new tech stack that streamlined her processes, and the proven withdrawal system at Wize Mentoring inspired her to gradually withdraw from her business and focus on scaling. 

In just three to four years, she has built a successful team of 11 people who are dedicated to delivering timely and accurate results for their clients. Jennifer attributes her success to two main factors – developing a no-blame culture and having the right tech stack in place. She instills a responsibility in her team to return client calls and keep communication open at all times. 

For Jennifer, this investment was more than just financial – it was an investment in herself. She found that by joining the Wize Mentoring tribe, she had more time for herself and her family. The mentorship offered by the Wize guys allowed her to develop deeper relationships and build stronger teams, something that she valued greatly. 

The investment Jennifer made as a Wize Mentoring member has paid off in more ways than one. Not only did she benefit from the individualized attention of mentors who helped guide her on her journey, but also gained invaluable skills and knowledge which have helped propel her business and career forward. In addition, Jennifer now enjoys more free time with friends and family while still being able to balance work commitments.  

Today, Jennifer is proud of how far she’s come since taking part in the Wize Mentoring’s Growth program. She’s grateful for the opportunity it provided for personal growth and professional development – something that would not have been possible without making that initial investment in herself. 

Jennifer believes that knowledge is power and has created the mantra “discipline equals freedom” for her employees. She wants them to understand that it takes hard work to succeed, but with education and determination, success can be achieved. 

The Wize Mentors provided Jennifer’s team with the tools they need to gain the knowledge necessary for success and she continually invests in their development.  

The program’s rich tech stack and “no-blame” culture provided a safe space for Jennifer to develop new skills that allowed her increased autonomy, allowing her to slowly withdraw from grinding work but still enabling her business success. Through this journey of growth, she found contentment within herself as well as fulfillment in life outside the office setting. 

Jennifer’s success has not come without trial and error. She recognizes that having a tech stack in place is not only essential for communication and transparency within her team but also for client satisfaction. 

By leveraging the power of education, no-blame culture, and efficient tools, TaxStore has been able to achieve its goals and offer outstanding service to each client they serve.  

The team at TaxStore stands as tangible evidence that hard work pays off with the right guidance. Wize Mentoring helps them stay on top of their game so they can continue delivering exceptional results for years to come. 

With Wize Mentoring’s help, they have become an inspiration to other small businesses that want to make their mark in the accounting industry. 

The future looks bright for TaxStore Mackay and Jennifer. With the right guidance and tools from Wize Mentoring, they are poised to continue their success for many years to come. 

Jennifer’s journey from a small business to a successful team demonstrates that investing in one’s professional development is vital for growth. 

With the right tools, guidance, and mentorship, anyone has the power to make their dreams come true. 

Jennifer’s awe-inspiring journey of transforming her small venture into a thriving team stands as a testament to the limitless potential within us all. Aided by the potent combination of professional development tools, expert guidance, and unwavering mentorship, she unlocked the extraordinary power that lies at the intersection of hard work, dedication, and passion. 

And now, it’s your turn to embark on a path of unparalleled growth and success!   

With the ultimate blend of invaluable tools, expert guidance, and empowering mentorship, Wize Mentoring serves as the launchpad for catapulting any accounting or bookkeeping practice owner’s dreams into reality. 

So, if you’re ready to take the leap into personal or professional growth, join Wize Mentoring today – it’s an investment you won’t regret! 



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