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The key to your Senior Client Manager’s Effectiveness

We find whenever an SCM says they don’t have enough time they are doing too much grinding and reviewing. The reviewing should be done by the Production Manager. The quality of the Production Manager is key to the effectiveness of the Senior Client Manager.


The correct mix of the team below the Production Manager also determines how much work is flowing back up to the Production Manager and then to the SCM. A really good team of Production Manager plus the correct mix of grinders will allow an SCM to handle the communication and relationship up to $1m in fees.


So make sure:

  1. You have the right Production Manager and the right mix of grinders doing the work. It’s not just about using your Capacity Planner to determine this but using it in conjunction with the right mix of grinders i.e. some juniors, intermediates, and senior accountants.
  2. The SCM is not doing grinding and reviewing which takes up their time.
  3. There is an Assistant Client Manager who handles communication and relationship with C&D class clients and the SCM only handles communication and relationship with A&B clients.


Get any of the above wrong and your sales and production process will be clunky. The correct mix of the SCM, Production Manager, and Grinders working well together is critical for success.


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