How to Use Technology to Scale Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Practice
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How to Use Technology to Scale Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Practice

Technology is ever-changing, and if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind. That’s why it’s so important for accounting and bookkeeping practice owners to have scalable technology in place. 

Scalable technology allows you to easily deploy your tools and systems anywhere in the world, at any time, and in any location. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the use of technology in scalability and introduce tech tools that allow practice owners to easily access and navigate through all of the tools and programs they use in their firms. 


Why Technology can be a Barrier to Scaling your Practice 

For an accounting practice to grow, it is essential for them to have the ability to scale with technology. Scalable technology provides modern accounting practices the freedom to equip their systems, tools, or resources anywhere in the world when necessary. 

Without scalability, accounting practitioners may be limited in their ability to reach customers and offer innovative services that extend beyond a single geographic area. Therefore, maintaining this scalability allows them to grow into a competitive firm while ensuring they can keep up with technological advances. 

A technology audit can be a useful tool for any business to evaluate its infrastructure and systems. The audit should look at server-dependent and cloud-dependent systems in order to make sure the technology is up-to-date and secure. It can also help determine which software is better suited for cloud use and which performs more efficiently on a dedicated system. 

Additionally, assessing server usage can help prioritize resources and identify areas where costs can be reduced while maintaining or improving performance. A technology audit allows businesses to make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure — ultimately leading to improved operations, reliability, resilience, and cost efficiency. 


SharePoint and CloudStack for Scalable Technology 

One of the most popular tech tools for scalability is SharePoint. It’s an intelligent cloud-based platform from Microsoft that helps SMBs easily store, share, and collaborate on documents with employees anywhere in the world. 

With SharePoint, users get the benefit of being able to access and manage files from one central location. The main advantage is that they can grant access to those who need it on an individual basis and set permissions accordingly.  

It also includes version control, so any changes or updates are automatically recorded and stored – this allows users to quickly restore earlier versions or compare different ones to identify differences. 

In addition, sharing documents externally with partners or vendors is straightforward as well. SharePoint offers a degree of sophistication that supports collaboration and simplifies processes ensuring smoother workflows. 

CloudStack is an excellent technology for scalability and has been a particularly popular choice for businesses looking to secure their cloud platforms. CloudStack can allow companies to quickly and easily deploy their infrastructure, applications, and services in a fast-paced environment. 

This agility not only allows them to rapidly increase the size of their workforce or customer base but also ensures that they can allocate resources as needed while still keeping control of their shared environments. As such, CloudStack is great for any practice looking to rapidly grow without sacrificing security or stability. 


WizeHub – The Ultimate Business Intelligence Software for Growing Accounting Firms of Any Size 

WizeHub is Wize Mentoring’s revolutionary software, designed to aid accounting and bookkeeping practice owners of any size to expand their business in an organized, methodology-driven fashion. It serves as a business intelligence application, advancing users across three key development pillars: processes, people, and performance. 

The application has been designed with the insights and needs of accountants in mind, ensuring it meets the highest standards for usability and accuracy. Living up to this expectation, helps practice owners maximize their growth potential while limiting overhead costs. 

With WizeHub you can completely systemize your practice and build extraordinary systems you can trust your team to run. It also provides tools to help you manage and develop your production team, as well as the tracking and reporting needed to scale a profitable firm – so that even in your absence, everything still runs smoothly. 

Make progress with confidence, as you’re supported by a powerful application created by accountants just like you. 



Technology is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps streamline operations, drives profits, and allows firms to expand into new markets quickly and easily.  

With the right technology tools in place, accounting or bookkeeping practices can scale their operations to better serve their customers and achieve a competitive edge. 

SharePoint and CloudStack are two of the most popular technologies that help businesses remain agile while maintaining a secure infrastructure. These tools allow firms to quickly adjust resources, collaborate with external stakeholders, and improve efficiency—all while helping them remain cost-effective and secure. 

The ultimate business intelligence software, WizeHub is designed to help accounting and bookkeeping practice owners maximize their potential. With its comprehensive tracking, reporting, process improvement, and development capabilities, WizeHub provides the tools necessary to quickly and easily scale a profitable firm. 

With the right technology tools in place, firms can scale quickly and easily while still maintaining a reliable foundation. 


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