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Hire Slow, Act Fast

Are you looking to hire new team members for your firm? Here are some tips that might help.

The Wize Recruit philosophy is “hire slow, act fast”, but once the process starts, we act fast to secure the best candidates.  Good candidates don’t last long, the market hires them fast, so we must screen fast before another firm hires them.

As a rule of thumb the best candidates show the following attributes during the hiring process:

  • Co-operative
  • Responds quickly
  • Complete all details of forms & questions
  • Technically skilled with technology
  • Shows attention to detail
  • Ask good questions
  • Shows they’re looking for a good employer
  • Organised

Every interaction with a candidate reveals their commitment and most importantly their attitude.

Attitude is the one thing you cannot change. Attitude is almost everything when building a team. Avoid the smartest people with the worst attitude!

Hiring isn’t an exact science, but we can minimise the risk by using a methodical process. Remember, your staff are your greatest asset but could also be your greatest challenge.

To meet the greatest challenge it requires great leadership.

Our Wize recruitment software automatically screens most of the candidates. Once they are in the software, we choose who to interview. With the candidates, we are primarily looking for a history of promotions within the one firm.  2 plus years of service. We want to avoid the job hoppers.

If you want to learn more about our WizeRecruit™ product, feel free to respond to email and will send you further details.

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