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Dealing With Underperforming New Recruits

Are you dealing with an underperforming new staff?


In this case, you might be wondering if you should wait for them to improve on their performance or simply cut your losses and focus on getting the right fit in the next hire.


In my experience, what your employees are like in the first 3 months in your company will be most likely what they are going to be for the rest of the time they are there.


It’s very difficult to change a leopard’s spots.


If they are young, there is a small chance they may improve with lots of work––but it’s only a small chance because their attitude comes from within.


It’s better to work with a young person who has the right attitude.


You can train skills but it’s hard to train attitude.


Start with a young person who has the right attitude.


If they are still the probation period and are already displaying a consistently poor attitude and performance,  it’s obvious that they don’t want to be there so you can let him go with no HR issues.


But if you think that there’s a chance that they can still come out as a good employee, then you can extend the probation period and read out the “riot act” as to what your rules are. If he doesn’t step up, then he has been warned and you can take proper actions.


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