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WIZE Mentoring, launching in December 2018 and led by Ed Chan, Jamie Johns & Brenton Ward, is a network of Accounting firm owners with the desire to grow a more successful, more profitable business. This is a network FOR Accountants BY Accountants. With over 60+ years of experience in building profitable Accounting enterprises, we have developed a platform of actionable, results driven tools that have been tried and tested. These tools combined with our real-world experience are what our network members have said has been the missing piece in their growth journey.

If you are at the point in your business where you're stuck and know you need change, then this network is for you. If you're motivated, know and have heard all the WHAT, but need the HOW.... then you have come to the right place! WIZE Mentoring is designed specifically for you. 

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The WIZE Mentoring philosophy is simple

When you have the right guidance on what KNOWLEDGE you need, you can turn it into the right STRATEGY for your businessOnce you have the right strategy, WIZE Mentoring will teach you ‘How’ to EXECUTE effectively. We call this KSE. With WIZE Mentoring's KSE on these vital steps, you can achieve the results you want, rapidly grow your business and live the lifestyle you desire. We do this by helping you turn your business into an investment that pays you a passive income.

Guiding you on the KSE is our number one priority at WIZE Mentoring.

Immediate Results Resources for WIZE visitors

Download our Business Scorecard. Life is short. If you want your business to provide for your desired lifestyle, you need to evaluate the ROI it is providing and decide what needs to change.      

"The Business Scorecard just put everything in perspective for me, it was truly the reality check I needed!" - Emma D

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"I've been running my business for 20 years and I never knew the number I needed. I got it in 10mins from this calculator" - Barry H

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Register for our next FREE monthly WIZE LIVE Q&A. Our mentors take any questions you have and share valuable insights on the HOW of growing your business.                                                              

"I love listening to the WIZE Q&A. It reminds me there are other owners out there experiencing the same problems I do!" Julia D

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Just decide... Can I keep doing things the way I have been doing them or do I need to seek help? The quicker you make that decision, the sooner you can make the changes needed to grow your Accounting business, better serve your clients, increase your income and ultimately start living the life you deserve.


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