The Wize Team

Meet these awesome people who create a structured foundation for Wize Mentoring. Each member is equipped with creativity and a passionate heart to bring uniqueness to the organization with only one goal in mind –to help you scale your business so that it’s easier for you to work less hours, earn more money, and have choices about what kind of lifestyle you want!

Delaine Padilla

Content Specialist

Delaine is a content specialist at Wize Mentoring, where she helps to create engaging and persuasive content for the company’s website and other platforms.

An experienced copywriter with over 5 years of experience in startups, Delaine has written everything from blog posts to whitepapers. She also specializes in copywriting, social media management, content writing- you name it!

Samee Regalado

WizeGrowth Support Specialist

Samee is your WizeGrowth Support Specialist. She is your direct contact for your WizeGrowth Journey and will ensure you are well looked after along the way. Samee has a passion for helping people grow their businesses and become more successful. Samee is always excited about helping our newest WizeGrowth members get kick-started, so she is excited at the prospect of working with you and your team.

Sohail Ansari

WizeHub Support Specialist

Sohail is our Wizehub Support specialist. A veteran in the IT industry, he is also our database master and goes above and beyond to make sure that any customer who contacts us gets what they want or need from our WizeHub product or solutions. When he isn’t working on his computer, you can find him at the gym trying to stay in shape!

Krizzia Joven

WizeTalent Support Specialist

Krizzia is our WizeTalent Support specialist and has years of HR experience with people management. She loves to play with her dogs and spend time with her family outside of work. Her passion for people management means she’ll do anything it takes to make sure our WizeTalent clients find the right superstar members to scale their practice.

Selina Aves

WizePulse Support Specialist

Selina is our WizePulse Support Specialist. She is an excellent communicator and has a knack for earning the trust of clients right away. Her responsibilities include resolving queries, recommending solutions, and guiding WizePulse Members through our world-class mentoring program.


IT Support

Passionate about his work, Chang has been a reliable and trustworthy IT Support for Wize Mentoring. He ensures that all of the company’s computer systems are running smoothly, installs and configures hardware and software, monitors the system for technical issues as they arise, and provides us with top-notch technical support. In addition to being an expert in his field, he is also friendly and approachable.

Christine Borneo

Marketing Specialist

Christine is a marketing specialist equipped with her prowess in content writing and marketing strategies. Her industry-based experiences equate to her skills and talents that greatly contribute to Wize. She is a passionate member and an excellent communicator.