How to teach them about the deep and narrow team structure
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Micro-training your team – how to teach them about the deep and narrow team structure

If you are an accounting or bookkeeping practice owner looking to scale their business whilst working fewer hours, earning more money, and having more choices in life, then you are on the right website. 

The Wize Guys, Brenton Ward, Jamie Johns, and Ed Chan share the principles of a deep and narrow team structure for every accounting practice. 

Find out how to lead your team in transitioning, implementing, and embracing a whole new concept and process. The Wize Mentors discuss the most familiar challenges that practice owners face when training their client managers and production team. Also, hear some ideas on how to overcome it if you have a staff who pushes back on this objective. 


Here are some of the facts that you will learn from this audio: 

  • The concept of deep and narrow teams 
  •  Best ways to address and transition to a new structure 
  •  How to manage traffic: communication and production areas 
  •  That ‘football analogy’ of a team structure 
  •  Most common challenges and pushbacks to face in transitioning 
  •  Idea #1: Don’t be discouraged. 
  •  Idea #2: It takes time to change habits. 
  •  The importance of having your team understand the objectives 
  •  Idea #3: Encourage to lead. 
  •  Idea #4: Manage resources properly. 
  •  The analogy of a production triangle 
  •  Different forms of pushback 
  •  Idea #5: Choose the senior people. 
  •  Idea #6: Conduct 1-on-1 discussion. 
  •  Idea #7: Educate the team. 
  •  Why complexity kills businesses 
  •  Idea #8: Be persistent and consistent. 
  •  Which is more effective: 1-on-1 discussion vs group meeting 
  •  Idea #9: Do it efficiently but manage effectively. 
  •  Idea #10: Do it slowly. 
  •  How to handle losing people along the process 
  •  The importance of ‘No Bypass Policy’  
  •  Idea #11: The body-system reporting. 
  •  How structure is related to your internal processes 
  •  Idea #12: Stop undermining and delegating. 
  •  Idea #13: Follow the hierarchical system. 
  •  Idea #14: Empower the team. 


Head over to this link to listen to The Wize Guys Podcast: 

The Wize Guys Podcast 

Download the full transcript here. 


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