The step-by-step guide
to finding & keeping qualified
staff in your practice

Find and keep qualified staff in your practice. This playbook includes a list
of recruitment strategies, tips on how to attract talent, and advice from
and advice from experts in the industry

If you’re a practice owner,
inside you’ll discover…

A proven system to hire and retain the best staff

Understand the process and recognize what is required for a successful hire

Learn how to spot red flags for better hiring decisions

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Results from using the strategies in this guide...

From the Founders of...

The Wize Mentoring blueprint for building a business that runs without you has been developed
over the last 30+ years in our own Accounting / Bookkeeping firms. We’ve bottled every
step of the process and are now giving it to you.


Chan & Naylor is now a National Financial Services Organisation with 10 offices in most capital cities around Australia that services more than 6,000 clients.


Sky Accountants is recognised as one of the top 57 accounting firms worldwide, in the book, “The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants”, by UK journalist Steve Pipe.

and advice from

Experts in the industry


Ed is a prolific icon in most of the Business Seminars across Australia mainly about the Best Practices and Methodologies in Building a Successful Business. He was recognized as one of Australia’s foremost authorities on tax and property.


Jamie founded Sky Accountants, an award-winning firm based in Victoria Australia. Jamie is a successful entrepreneur and passionate mentor to hundreds of firm owners around the world and holds the answers and solutions to most practice owners’ biggest scaling challenges.


Brenton is passionate about bottling people’s specialist knowledge and sharing it so others can benefit from the wisdom and experience. He’s helped Ed and Jamie take their 50+ combined years of experience in building successful accounting firms and is now sharing that wisdom across the world with the WizeTribe.

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