Wize Mentoring Success Stories 💡

Here are the stories of accounting firm owners and leaders from different parts of the world who were able to scale their accounting business with the help of Wize's world-class mentoring program.

Katie Bryan

Founder & CEO of Propeller Advisory


"I found Wize and it was fabulous! The step-by-step instructions and tutorials that guide you to building a business that runs without you have been sovaluable.

The mentoring I've gotten has been fantastic and based on their track record, you know what Wize is teaching you just works..."




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Thomas S Phabmixay

General Manager of TMS Tax Accounting & Financial Services
"In the last 6 months, WIZE has helped us re-shape our entire business for the better! 

We've gotten our house in order, we structured our team better and we feel much more in control of our business.

Anyone wanting to have a business that runs without them, I can't recommend the WIZE model highly enough!"


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Craig Milroy

Director of Milroy Accounting

"My business got to a stage where we were growing but I found it was myself doing all the extra work. As a business owner, I knew it wasn't sustainable so I searched for a mentor and found WIZE.

The experience has been fantastic.

It's great value for money. It's full of great resources and importantly they're all tried and tested. I'm seeing results from the implementation already."

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Carmen Morris

Director of On The Money Bookkeeping


"The resources I've had access to via the WIZE Vault have been tremendous in helping us get on the right track.

The WIZE Guys are so interactive and responsive to my questions and the support from the WIZE Community has been so valuable"



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Aaron Colley

Director of WealthVisory


"We've had a great experience with WIZE Mentoring. Our firm merged this year and we've been trying to manage that journey.

We've been following WIZE, implementing their strategies and leaning on them for support the whole way and it's been awesome."




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Conor Kearney

Founder of Jetbooks


"Since being introduced to WIZE, I've been able to implement so many of these strategies whilst remaining focussed on working ON the business instead of IN it! It's a killer team, I highly recommend them!"





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Kirsten Norman

Founder of BizWhiz Business Solutions


"I have been searching for a while for a program and mentor that could help me, that I could get support from other like-minded people and get resources that I could actually use to help me implement changes that would allow me to grow...

There is just a wealth of knowledge, education, experience and resources to be taken from WIZE Mentoring. What I love most is I can do it in my own time.

I know as soon as I have a problem, I can go into the vault and find the answer." 



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Tracy Johnson

Principal of Business Innovation at SRJ Walker Wayland 


"Using Jamie and Ed's knowledge, experience and the resources WIZE has on offer, we've been able to successfully launch a new bookkeeping division in our business with both an on shore and offshore team.

We've been able to really fast track the results of this new division based on the resources available to us through WIZE Mentoring"






Watch the full video testimonial here

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