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Here's a reminder of what you get in the WIZE Mentoring network:


Our world-class 18-Step Online Business Improvement Program giving you the exact blueprint for scaling your business. Each step shows you via videos, tools and templates HOW to dramatically improve your business. Access the WIZE Vault 24/7.


Get direct access to our WIZE Mentors every month in our online WIZE Live Mentoring Clinics. Get your burning questions answered and avoid all the usual roadblocks saving you time and money.


Get exclusive access to our private online chat group where you can ask questions and interact with WIZE Mentors and the greater WIZE community 24/7. Our network members are posting daily in the WIZE Tribe and getting detailed answers in real-time.


We are constantly developing new videos, tools and templates to help you scale your business faster and dramatically improve your firms performance across all areas.


We can add all the features in the world, however the number one priority and objective for us at WIZE Mentoring is to help you achieve dramatically improved, lasting RESULTS!


Don't just take our word, here is what our members are saying: 

“I'm so busy watching the videos in the WIZE Vault, I can't get enough!" - Kirsten

“When the accounting world was flooded by people advising that compliance is dead and that we need to move to Business advisory or we will be left behind, Ed and the WIZE Guys stood strong and gave me hope in building a solid practice around compliance and adding further value added services which to this day, have not only helped my clients but helped me grow my firm." - Phil

“In working with WIZE, I have learnt so much. When a question is asked, the carefully think about a response before speaking and makes so much sense. They keep it simple and always come back to your objective in business and what the clients would like. It all about service to the clients which is important and for our business, it’s all about systems & processes. All businesses should operate like this.” - Peter

“In short Ed has changed my life 1000% for the better and I am forever grateful. These days I am earning more money, have the freedom to focus on what I love to do, have more family time, the Sky Group continues to grow because our clients and teams are happy. I directly attribute this to having Ed as my mentor. Mentorship in my view is the world’s best kept secret and the most powerful decision you will ever make in your lifetime." - Jamie


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