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Unrestricted access to our 18 Step Online Program which includes 100+ videos, resources and templates which we have tried and tested for getting maximum results in our own Accounting firms. These resources have taken 40+ years to refine and will save you '000's of hours and hundreds of '000's of dollars.


Monthly online access to our WIZE Mentor Team on a live, interactive Q&A clinic. Get your burning questions answered and avoid all the common roadblocks of growing your firm.

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Get exclusive access to our private online chat group where you can ask questions and interact with WIZE Mentors and the greater WIZE community 24/7. Learn and share from the best and don't leave any question unanswered.  

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As we grow, develop and innovate the different areas of our Accounting firms, we will be sharing the lessons, tools, templates and more with you. This way, you will always be up to date with best-of-practice strategies and tools

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Share with your Client Managers our WIZE Weekly Tip - focussed on developing their production, management and leadership skills.

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You will receive invitations to any events that our WIZE Mentors host.


WIZE Hands-On

If you require the extra hands-on expertise from one of our WIZE Mentors, we can look to conduct a tailored consulting project for your firm.


We can add all the features in the world, however the number one priority and objective for us at WIZE Mentoring is to help you achieve dramatically improved, lasting RESULTS!

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We have built a network that delivers the mentoring, tools and support Accountants need to scale their business. This network is the culmination of 40+ years of building our own Accounting firms, which we still own and that provide us with a passive income.

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40+ years of content in our WIZE Vault has been categorised into 18 fundamental steps to scaling your Accounting Firm.

Learn from WIZE Mentor - Ed Chan

Ed is the Non-Exec Chairman of Chan & Naylor, an Accounting Group he founded from small home office and is now a National Financial Services Organisation with offices in most major Capital cities around Australia that services more than 6,000 clients.

Ed also speaks at many Business Seminars around Australia in Best Practice Methodologies on how to build successful businesses.

Chan & Naylor is the model firm studied by students when completing their MBA at the University of Queensland and for Accounting students passing their CPA exams.

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Learn from WIZE Mentor - Jamie Johns

Jamie Johns founded Sky Accountants in 2003. Sky Accountants was also included as one of the top 57 accounting firms worldwide, in the book, "The World's Most Inspiring Accountants", by UK journalist Steve Pipe.

Jamie oversees the growth of the Sky group’s various businesses and mentors selected clientele.

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Learn from WIZE Mentor - Brenton Ward

Brenton has been working with Accountants since 2010 and has helped coach and mentor over 300 Accounting Firms. 

In 2013 co-founded a Financial Services business, Hindsight Wealth, which now provides advice to 1000+ clients all over Australia.

Brenton is based in Dublin, Ireland providing financial advice and mentoring to business owners and other professionals.

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