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The blueprint for Accountants  who want to build a successful business is here...

YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67
YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67

It's not WHAT you do but HOW you do it that matters...

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From the desk of Ed Chan

When I first started my Accounting Practice it was growing around an average of 30% per year simply from word of mouth only and soon I was working over 100 hours per week.

This was burning me out and not sustainable in the short term let alone the next 30 years as I was only in my early thirties.

I was at a cross road because this business that I had built that was supposed to give me life was taking the life from me. I didn't see my family, I was missing out on watching my children grow up, I barely saw my closest friends and I had no time to do the things I enjoyed.

I wanted to get out and I looked at the following:

  1. Sell the business and do something else as Accounting and Tax was just too hard
  2. Sell off the small clients and just look after the larger clients
  3. Bring in another Partner to help shoulder some of the work load

But luckily I realised in time that changing WHAT I did and not changing HOW I did it, was not the answer. I witnessed clients change businesses but not change HOW they ran the new business. They soon replicated the mess in the first business into the second business and found themselves in the same place after a similar period of time. 

With this in mind, I embarked on a journey of changing HOW I ran my business and  developed a step-by-step blueprint for growing my firm. When you see it you'll realise, like it did, doing so is not as hard as you think.

And the result?... A full service firm that now has 11 locations across Australia, turning over $20+ million in revenue, employing 160+ staff and all runs completely without me. You don't have to want to grow to that size, but it's completely doable without the pain using this system.

You don't have to sacrifice life and experience all the pain in order to grow your business. But you do need to focus on these things:

  • Determine your ideal lifestyle and income
  • Develop your organisation chart
  • Structure your teams right
  • Systematise all areas of your firm
  • Develop better leadership skills

There is a better way of doing things.  There is a blueprint to build a business that runs without you. I have created, tested and proven it works.

This is your next step, this is how you finally access the life and business you deserve.

I look forward to working with you.

Ed Chan

Co-founder WIZE Mentoring

YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67
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This is the growth opportunity for you


If the WIZE Mentors were sitting with you right now face to face, could you honestly answer YES to any of the questions below:


  • Do you have a desire to build a business that gives you more time to do more of the things you enjoy in life?

  • Are you stuck working too much IN your business, wearing all the hats and don't have enough time to work ON it?

  • Do you ever doubt your leadership ability and are concerned about doing the same things the same way for the next 20 years?

  • If we showed you the exact blueprint for growing your firm, would you be willing to use that blueprint and take action to get dramatically better results?

  • Do you want to be part of a community of like-minded business owners who share the same passion for business building, getting results and fulfilling their potential?

    If you could answer YES to one or more of the questions above, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be...

60+ years of experience, millions of dollars invested... all for you!


For over 60 combined years, the WIZE Mentors Ed Chan, Jamie Johns and Brenton Ward have defined what it means to successfully build and scale a profitable accounting and bookkeeping business.

Through Chan and Naylor and Sky Accountants, Ed and Jamie have built firms collectively turning over $20million+ in revenue, with over 200 staff, across 15 locations, that run without them and provides a passive income every year.

And now... for the first time ever, they’ve teamed up to create and share the step-by-step blueprint, tools and resources designed to help YOU do the same with your business.

Why does this apply to you? Well here’s why...

If you were able to answer YES to any of the questions above... The WIZE Scaling Up System is your secret recipe to changing your life forever.

This program and online system, drawing on 60+ years of experience and millions of dollars of investment in testing the strategies that work, was designed to help anyone from those just starting out to multi-partner, multi-location, multi-million dollar firms.

Learn how to structure, grow and dramatically scale your firm with complete confidence, without all the pain and with all the rewards you deserve.


The WIZE Scaling Up System Accomplishes This By...

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Stage #1 - Your Foundations

Our 18-Step self-guided program starts off by helping you decide on a vision for your business and lifestyle. You will then learn exactly how to implement our 7-division organisation structure and how to withdraw from those divisions over time.

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Stage #2 – Your Team Structure

The biggest barriers to growing your firm will revolve around how you recruit, develop, structure your team.  Our program gives you the structure, tools, templates and KPI's for developing every role in the ideal team, including offshore teams.

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Stage #3 – Your Production Systems and Processes

You will learn and have access to all the tutorials, policies, tools and templates that have been tested to get results and will allow you to systematise your entire business.

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Stage #4 – Your Marketing Machine

You will have the strategies WIZE Mentors Ed, Jamie and Brenton have used to grow databases of ideal new clients. You’ll know exactly how to build a brand your ideal clients know, like and trust and are sure to do business with you. 

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Stage #5 – Your New Client Conversion Playbook

After you have built your powerful marketing machine, it is time to convert those prospects into paying clients. In these steps, you’ll learn our sales secrets and have access to our sales playbook that converts every prospect, every time.

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Stage #6 – Your Withdrawal Journey

Through our Scaling Up System, you will learn exactly how to withdraw yourself from every part of your business to a stage where the business runs without you, paying you a passive income.

YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67
YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67

❌ This is not a program on how to triple your revenue and double your profits over night only to keep you a prisoner in your business.

❌ This is not a program put together by coaches or consultants who tell you WHAT to do but never show you HOW to do it.

❌ This is not a program that is going to tell you that compliance services are dead, advisory is the only way forward and technology is going to take over and make your business obsolete or extinct.

While many of these promises and fear-mongering are awash in our profession, the WIZE Mentoring program is specifically designed to show you exactly how you can confidently grow your business based on the very steps we've used to grow our own.

Look at just some of the success and stories shared in our incredible WIZE Tribe

10+ countries + 100’s Accountants & Bookkeepers + 100’s amazing business builders


What you get today for $67, plus special bonuses!

Set up your 30-day all access pass of our WIZE Mentoring program and member subscription today for just $67 USD.  Get instant access all of the WIZE Mentoring signature Scaling Up Program plus a series of bonuses you can use straight away.

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Scaling-Up Program

Instant access to our online 18-Step Scaling-Up program including 150+ videos, tools and templates to watch and download on demand on any device.

Value: $750,000+ invested to develop these strategies and tools in our firms

Your BONUSES for getting started today...

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Monthly Live Team Training

All of your team can join us for live online training clinics every month. All clinics are recorded and stored in our vault to go back to anytime.

Value: normally $297 per month
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24/7 Private Online Community

You get exclusive access to our private online WIZE Tribe chat group to ask questions and network with like minded business builders. The WIZE Mentors are available 24/7 on the WIZE Tribe.

Value: normally $197 per month
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Expertise Partner Discounts

Get access to our panel of selected product and service providers who we’ve tested and proven to get results with in our own firms. Each Expertise Partner offers an exclusive deal to WIZE Mentors. There’s $5,000+ in value and discounts by using our expertise partners. 

Value: $5,000+ in discounts
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Access to CoachingClub

As a WIZE Mentoring member, you gain access to apply for our private CoachingClub. An exclusive coaching  program for firms who want to accelerate their growth and work hands on with our WIZE Mentors. 

Value: Priceless!
YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67 today
YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67

Some Common Questions

This is your defining moment!

The decision is yours to make. The time is now. Start your free all access trial today and embark on the journey of building a successful profitable business that runs without you.

YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67 today
YES! I'd like a 30-day all access pass for $67 today
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