How to Get Your Capacity Plan Humming
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Get your capacity plan humming

“As Jamie uses that analogy with the glass of water you want to, if you want to grow, you’ve got to have that cup, not at the full at the ring, but you’ve got to have the water, you know, 10% less and under the rim so that when you pour some more water into it, you can actually hold that water without it overflowing.” 

If you are an accounting or bookkeeping practice owner who is looking to scale their business whilst working fewer hours, earning more money, and having more choices in life, then you are on the right website. 

The Wize Guys, Brenton Ward, Jamie Johns, and Ed Chan talk about Capacity Plan – The most critical tool for a high-performing and profitable production and discuss how having a capacity plan in place is one of the fundamental tools they recommend for scaling a practice. They provide some insight into capacity planning and why it is so important to the growth of the business. 

Find out the most common reasons for overcapacity. What are the negative outcomes because of this and what are suggested approaches to correcting this? Learn more to get you starting to work on your capacity plan in place! 


Here are some of the facts that you will learn from this audio: 

  • Understanding the context of a capacity plan 
  • The importance of having a capacity planner 
  • How to science right with your people 
  • The rule of thumb 
  • Tips for capacity planning 
  • Most common reasons for overcapacity 
  • Key points to work in capacity planning 
  • Reasons why you need spare capacity 
  • How to allocate productivity with training 
  • Is it ok to disclose staff salaries to the team? 
  • How to determine charge-out rates 


Head over to this link to listen to The Wize Guys Podcast: 

The Wize Guys Podcast

Download the full transcript here. 


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