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Why You Need An Ideal Organisation Chart


When I work with firms, often they had grown their business without a road map and simply hired people as a reaction to growth versus planning it out properly. This later becomes a major roadblock to further growth. 

You must get your foundation and your organisation chart right. When you have an ideal team structure, you’ll have a good foundation for growth. 

What does this mean? This means separating out communication skills to production skills. 

Firm owners often make the mistake of thinking that all staff should have both skills which is why they end up with a flat team structure. 

Similar to building a house without an architect’s plan, simply laying bricks in reaction to the situation without much thought to planning the future will only cost you more problems and undue stress.

So use the ideal team structure and recruit to fit those roles.

It will take time as some existing staff will fit those roles and others won’t. But at least now you have a road map to work towards. If you don’t use this roadmap it’s extremely difficult to scale your business. 

You cannot do it by brute force. You need 3 things:

  1. Systems and procedures
  2. Right people in the right seat and 
  3. Good strong leadership.


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