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Deep And Narrow Team Structure


What does your hiring process currently look like? 

Mis-hiring and hiring because staff say they are too busy is one of the biggest and most expensive mistakes you can make in your firm. 

Team design is critical to building a firm that runs without you. It’s not a matter of hiring an experienced person, put them in a seat, and expect them to do everything. This fails more than it works out.

You need to have a deeper understanding of how team structure affects the operation and growth of your business. A traditional shallow and wide team structure will see you remaining a prisoner to your business as all queries, all work, all demands land squarely back on your shoulders. You're also reliant on finding extraordinary people who are hard to find and expensive to keep (and expensive to lose!) 

With our scalable deep and narrow team structure, you build a resource mix that creates a high functioning team and one that is not dependent on you.

Here are the top principles that Jamie implemented to get his team structure right:

  1. Have the right people in the right seat.
  2. Have a No-bypass policy in your team
  3. Manage the communication traffic and production traffic in your firm.

Ultimately, having a deep and narrow team structure will give you more time and leverage to do other things in your business that will help you grow.

Ask yourselves: Is your team structure currently wide and shallow or deep and narrow? 

“You don’t build a business. You build people, then people build the business.” Zig Ziglar

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