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Three Important Roles Every Firm Should Have

If you wish to have the correct flow happening in your production team, then here are the three important roles that every firm should have in their team.

1. A person who deals with all the communication traffic with clients (emails, phone calls, meetings, strategy, tax planning etc). This person should have great people and communication skills and loves dealing with people. We call the person filling this role the Senior Client Manager or SCM.

 2. The second person in the team is a very experienced person who is more the grinder / manager of the production team. They review all the work that’s done by the production team who produce the work. They only do 20% of each job (review the work) and the grinding team does 80% of each job.

 We call this person the Senior Production Manager or SPM. This person needs to ideally have many years of experience and the ability to train the grinding team. Their personality is that of a grinder and it’s not necessary that they are a “people person”. What’s important is that they like to do the work and are responsible for reviewing, checking, and training the grinders.

3. The last person is a grinder who does all the grinding work (at least 80% of each job) and it gets checked and reviewed by the SPM above (who does the last 20%). This is by no means a derogatory description of the role as there is no hierarchy in this team, each role is as important as each other. The grinder gets things done… This is a task focussed person who likes getting through the workload.

The accountant/bookkeeper you want as a grinder needs to be able to work in our industry because not all accountants can work in our industry. Namely, in our industry, they must be fast and they don’t need to be too accurate because the SPM will check their work.

We don’t want to slow their production by worrying about making too many mistakes.

If they take 2 hours to complete a task when it should take one hour then they will cost you more as their productivity is half.


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