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The Long Runway of Marketing


Chan & Naylor generates around 9,000 to 10,000 clicks on their website per month and generates around 2,500+ leads a year for all offices via digital marketing.

It’s a long runway and if you don’t know what you are doing you can throw a lot of money away with little result.

Also if you have this belief that for every dollar you spend you will get a dollar back then you will be mistaken. It must be seen investment and not an expense otherwise you won’t persist with it.
That’s the difference between thinking like a business person and thinking like an accountant.
You cannot think like an accountant otherwise you will not invest the money.

The following is what we have learnt

You need 3 levels of marketing support:

1. Strategic ideas and direction
2. Marketing Manager to make sure the strategies are being implemented
3. Grinders to actually do the marketing activities.

An individual staff member does not know how to do the whole ambit of activities in digital marketing like SEO, Websites, SEM, Social media, graphics, PPC, and so on. At Chan & Naylor they have separate staff who does each of the above.

Then it’s a long runway. 

You need to build a database of prospects. At Chan & Naylor we have 18,000 potential clients (prospects) on our database. All of our future new clients will come from the prospective database when they are ready to change accountants.

So the investment in the long runway is to build the prospective database via the following:

1. Build familiarity with your company/brand
2. Build credibility via digital marketing activities
3. Build Trust via the above activities.
Only once they trust you will they think of you when they are ready to change accountants.

It’s not when you are ready but when they are ready to change accountants.

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