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The Difference Between Being An Accounting Practitioner and a Business Owner


When a partner spends more time with clients than with their teams, it shows who they believe is of more importance to them. That shapes whether they see their business as an Accounting Practice or an Accounting Business and that results in where they are today.


The difference between an Accounting Practice and an Accounting Business is as follows:


Human interaction is a basic necessity; relationships are therefore essential. Because people spend so much of their time in the office, they can cultivate positive working relationships around a nurturing work environment of understanding, community and support. This social aspect of work is vital for the development of a workplace where employees are engaged.


Employees respond well to the gratitude expressed by remembering their good work, as it shows that others value their work. As employees are respected, their happiness and efficiency increase and they are driven to sustain or improve their good work.


Below is a great email you can send to your team to show you care about them and how they feel because they are your greatest asset and without them, you are unable to grow and have a great lifestyle.



Hi Team,


As the CEO, I am really interested in your level of happiness working here.


There are always challenges that face all us and working is no different.


I do care about how everyone feels. We are open to suggestions to improve.


It’s important to the Management that we are doing our best to make this place a good place to work and any feedback is welcome – good or bad or somewhere in the middle.


Every person is important to us from the cleaner to every single client we have.


So can everyone please participate in giving me feedback on how we can improve things around here.


I want to assure you your comments will be confidential and your feedback will never be disclosed to anyone else and you are free, to be honest with your feedback.


In fact, we ask for it.


My only agenda is to try and discuss and work with you to fix any concerns or issues or to improve anything.


We are not going to blame anyone for anything. Just focus on solutions and try and work out how we can be a better place to work.


But I need your help to help me make this a great place to work.


Looking forward to hearing from you 😊


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