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The Best Plan in Running a Discovery Session for Your Accounting Firms ┃Wize Mentoring Business Tips

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Wize Mentoring
The Best Plan in Running a Discovery Session for Your Accounting Firms ┃Wize Mentoring Business Tips

If you're an accounting or bookkeeping practice owners who are looking to scale their business whilst working fewer hours, earning more money, and having more choices in life, then you're on the right website.

The above recording is a discussion of The Wize Guys, Brenton Ward with Jamie Johns, and Ed Chan shares their insights about the need for a discovery session for every accounting practice.

As Ed has been through many, if not all, of the challenges you have faced in growing your Accounting business. Typically we get into business to earn more money, have more time and freedom only to find our reality is the exact opposite. We work more hours than we ever have, spend more time away from our family and if we were to divide the money we earn by the time we spend earning it, it's very little and not a good return on investment.

Find out how to ensure that you are not a prisoner in your own business, Ed and Jamie will give a thorough outline on how you can start to design or redesign your business to achieve the ROI of your end goals.


Here are some of the facts that you'll learn from this audio:

  • What are discovery sessions?

  •  How to determine the pains and challenges in your practice

  •  The power of retirement investments

  • Why you should start to invest in businesses

  •  Why is it that Warren Buffett invests in a direct business and what his 4 criteria are for investing? 

  •  Comparing the ROI of your business vs the sharemarket vs property investment

  •  How to identify your capital value, passive income, and ROI

  •  Why you should start to build something

  •  The importance of having the right mindset

  •  The journey from self-employed > business > investment

  •  What are the questions to ask in a discovery call

  •  Which is a better business model: partnership vs corporation

  •  Key takeaways on why you should start your own discovery calls


Download the full transcript here.


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