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How to build a solid referral program and system in place

Wize Mentoring
How to build a solid referral program and system in place

If you're an accounting or bookkeeping practice owners who are looking to scale their business whilst working fewer hours, earning more money, and having more choices in life, then you're on the right website.

The above recording is a discussion of The Wize Guys, Ed Chan with Wize Mentors, Thomas Sphabmixay, and Timothy Causbrook discussing how having a referral program in place increases the chances of getting quality referrals and keeping the business of these clients. They also shared insight on understanding Quad activities and how tracking client NPS as part of the Fab5 KPIs can also lead to a much more streamlined referral system.

Find out how a solid referral program and the system can help your accounting practice scale up.


Here are some of the facts that you'll learn from this audio:

  • How to implement a referral process

  •  Why referrals are the most efficient way to leverage

  •  The importance of client service and communication

  •  What is the ideal time to respond to clients

  •  Understanding the service industry

  •  How to create a communication client policies 

  •  Why client approval meeting is essential

  •  Tips for giving value to clients

  •  The positive impact of having your clients involved

  •  Understanding the emotional bank account

  •  How to build a solid referral system

  •  The biggest challenge with referrals

  •  How habits can affect leading

  •  The importance of being patient

  •  Why you should know your team member’s full potential

  •  How to build a referral strategy

  •  Understanding the different concepts of quad activities

  •  Why the first year is all about investment

  •  The importance of having the right mindset

  •  Best strategies and attitudes to make your team ready

  •  How client tracking can boost referrals

  •  Why it is more expensive to win a new client than your existing client

  •  How to take action



Download the full transcript here.


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