Ed Chan - Founder / Non Executive Chairman - Chan & Naylor

A graduate from the University of Technology (Sydney) with a Degree in Business (Accounting Major) and worked in the Chartered Accounting environment for many years before starting Chan & Naylor from a small home office and growing it into a National Financial Services Organisation with offices in most major Capital cities around Australia that services more than 6,000 clients.

A regular key note speaker in many property seminars around Australia, Ed is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost authorities on tax and property.

He has co authored 4 best selling books in subjects covering “How to Legally Reduce Your Tax” to “Creating Wealth for Life through Property Investing”, “Buying Property with your Self Managed Superfund” and how to run a successful Small Business called “From Small to Great”.

He is a regular contributor to many magazines and publications around Australia and his articles are widely read.

Ed also speaks at many Business Seminars around Australia in Best Practice Methodologies on how to build successful businesses.

Chan & Naylor is the model firm studied by students when completing their MBA at the University of Queensland and for Accounting students passing their CPA exams.

The Chan & Naylor Business now works without Ed’s operational involvement and he has taken on the role of Non Executive Chairman at Chan & Naylor, steering the Company into its next stage of development.

As a way of giving back to the Accounting Industry, Ed now contributes at a Board and Strategic level to many independent Accountancy Firms, helping them improve their efficiencies and run better businesses, resulting in better work life balance.

Ed also sits on various Steering Committees at a Higher Educational level in helping shape the educational outcomes of students.

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Jamie Johns - CEO / Founder - Sky Group

Sky Accountants was also included as one of the top 57 accounting firms worldwide, in the book, "The World's Most Inspiring Accountants", by UK journalist Steve Pipe.

Jamie Johns founded Sky Accountants in 2003. Sky Accountants has received several awards over the years, including the 2017 Panalitix's Accounting Business of the Year award, Jamie received the Institute of Public Accountants' (IPA) 2017 Australian Member of the Year award, the IPA’s 2016 Victoria Practice of the Year award, and Panalitix's 2015 Most Innovative Accounting Firm of The Year award.

These days Jamie oversees the growth of the Sky group’s various businesses and mentors selected clientele.

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Brenton Ward - Co-Founder Hindsight Wealth

Since 2006 I have been working with Financial & Professional Service Firm owners in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe, now permanently based in Dublin, Ireland. The role I play is in helping Accounting Firm partners is by providing the mentoring, technology and network to cover the three most common barriers to growth - leadership development, scalability & margins/marketing. Beyond this, I serve to ensure their resulting increased profits are invested and protected wisely. 

•Coaching & Mentoring•
In a coaching and mentoring capacity, I have had the privilege of working with the best Coaches to SME Accountants in the world. I’ve helped coach and mentor over 300 Accounting Firms toward building a business that provides an Increasing ROI and can run without them. 

In 2015 I co-founded a coaching business specialising in helping Accounting and Financial Planning firms. Firms across Australia still use Slipstream Coaching to improve their performance. 

•Financial Advice & Consultancy•
I am a Financial Adviser / Consultant by trade. I founded and built a wealth management business from the ground up in 2013 with two good friends. Hindsight Wealth now provides for 20 team members and over 2000 clients. 

In 2018 I joined Dublin based financial advice business - Mount Street Group. This partnership allows me to provide Accounting Firm partners with tailored financial advice to support and protect their business and wealth creation plans. We are privileged to have provided pensions, insurance and investment advice to many great Irish Accounting Firms and their clients.

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