Stop Working 80+ hour Weeks in your Accounting Business

In this FREE eBook, The Accountant's 20 Hour Workweek Playbook, you're going to unlock three life changing strategies: 
Strategy #1 - How to dramatically reduce the hours you work in your business and focus on what's important
Strategy #2 - The one calculation to determine the future direction of your firm and give you the ideal income you want from your business
Strategy #3 - An Accountants journey to withdrawing from their business, so you have more freedom whilst the business runs without you!

In This FREE Playbook, You'll Discover...

WIZE Time Save Quadrant™

Reduce the time you work IN your business by 75% with our WIZE Time Quadrant.

WIZE Ideal Income Calculator™

HOW to calculate the Ideal Income of your firm and what impact this will have on the overall direction of the business.

WIZE Withdrawal Journey™

HOW to remove yourself from the different divisions in your business so you have more freedom and it can run without you.

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Featuring advice from experts in the industry:


Ed Chan

Scaled Chan & Naylor to $20M+ Revenue, 12 Offices & 160+ Staff.

Jamie Johns

Sky Accountants was also included as one of the top 57 accounting firms worldwide, in the book, "The World's Most Inspiring Accountants", by UK journalist Steve Pipe.

Brenton Ward

Founded award winning financial advice business. 2017 Accountants Daily TechMentor Finalist. Coached 200+ accounting firms.

"My business got to a stage where we were growing but I found it was myself doing all the extra work. As a business owner, I knew it wasn't sustainable so I searched for a mentor and found WIZE. The experience has been fantastic. It's great value for money. It's full of great resources and importantly they're all tried and tested. I'm seeing results from the implementation already."

Craig Milroy
Founder, Milroy Accounting

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